Artun Alaska Arasli with Luis Lecea Romera

Artun Alaska Arasli with Luis Lecea Romera


January 21st 19:35-20:10 January 21st 21:25-22:00 FRAS 3

About Artun Alaska Arasli 
Artun Alaska Arasli is an artist and writer based in Amsterdam. Presentations of his work include Bird Time, bologna, Amsterdam; Prose, Kantine, Brussels; Cardena: Warming Up, Rozenstraat, Amsterdam; Porcupine, Jan Van Eyck, Maastricht; The Beauty Commission, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. His texts have been published in Le Chauffage, nY, Interjection Calendar (Montez Press). Since 2017 he has co-authored theater plays for i.a. NTGent, Toneelgroep Oostpol, and Het Zuidelijke Toneel. In 2022 he was a resident at BAU.

About Luis Lecea Romera
Luis Lecea Romera manipulates material and aural spaces through resonance and vibration. His practice engages with aliveness, deadness, and humanness as oscillating categories to render affect, decay and oblivion. Alongside other Amsterdam based artists he facilitates aux, a platform aimed at collectively questioning the contemporary domination of image over sound, and intervening with vision-dependent frames of making and knowing.

About Pining
Pining is a performance about various forms of heartache and the sounds they make. 

Luis Lecea Romera 



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