Antonio Jose Guzman & Iva Jankovic

Antonio Jose Guzman & Iva Jankovic

The Resounding Echo of the Thunder

January 20th 19:10-19:25 FRAS 1

Antonio Jose Guzman & Iva Jankovic
The Resounding Echo of the Thunder
Day 3 19:00 FRAS 1
Duration 15 min 

Performance by Antonio Jose Guzman and Iva Jankovic 
Featuring Percussionist Ramiro Olivares Fuchs

A brand-new experimental performance, part of their acclaimed Electric Dub Station Series: An explosive Afrofuturistic sonic dub diary, a ritualistic spoken word story on polarized societies, polarized families, segregation, war and populism. Researching subjects such as close borders, migrant roads and unwelcoming privileged white structures. On how segregating bicultural entities dehumanize black bodies, in times when empathy is almost lost in spaces of intolerance. Electric Dub Station is an ongoing project that reinterprets the transatlantic connections of indigo textiles, which are deeply embedded with the history of western colonialism. In their Afrofuturist ceremonial performances and fiber works the indigo color represents the diasporic, cultural, and economic history of textile trade and memories of ancient spirits. The textiles are developed in the artist's studio in Amsterdam Oost and block printed at Sufiyan Khatri’s Indigo Workshop in Ajrakhpur, India. 

Atelier GF Workstation by Antonio Jose Guzman and Iva Jankovic was founded in 1995. The studio develops innovative multidisciplinary collaborative decolonization projects with numerous organizations and institutions internationally. Working in collaboration with a global network of visionary institutions, artists and curators.

Credits: Concept, Research, Dramaturgy and Choreography:  Antonio Jose Guzman & Iva Jankovic, Dancers in video: Avalon Brown, Rebecca Lillich Krüger - Tara Masimer - Antonio Jose Guzman. 
Indigo Textiles and Costumes: Antonio Jose Guzman and Iva Jankovic, Music: Transillumination #1 - A DNA Sequencing Orchestration composed by Antonio Jose Guzman.

Transillumination #71 - Genetic Orchestration composed by Antonio Jose Guzman and Ramiro Olivares Fuchs, Dub Poems, Mixing and Soundscapes by: Antonio Jose Guzman aka Selectør Jade Flux 

© Atelier GF Workstation 

Antonio Jose Guzman & Iva Jankovic-The Resounding Echo of the Thunder