Luit Bakker

Luit Bakker

Grow me a womb

January 19th 19:00-19:20 FRAS 1

Luit Bakker
Grow me a womb
Day 2 19:00 FRAS 1
Duration 20 min 

A science fiction experience about a world where humans are no longer fertile. Not as an apocalyptic vision of the future, but as an inspiration, a future that is moving towards us. What if it's just us? 

That which we have created, that which has been created. How would we deal with our fertility?
Grow me a womb wants to tell a positive story about building together and needing each other. Fertility is creating something together that lasts (for a while).

Luit Bakker (Amsterdam) is a performer, creative technology artist and director. Her work is associative, disruptive, humorous and socially critical. Within her work, she focuses on feminism, technology and queerness. She embraces the quivering tension of the in between, the infinite unknown. In her work, Bakker aims to break existing gender roles and stereotypes, in which she involves the viewer in a funny and confrontational manner. Bakker is always searching for the vulnerability of herself and her audience. 
‘’Together we search for a playful and critical way to look at the world and the existing structures in the hope that we might be the change.’’

Concept: Luit Bakker

Advice programing robotarms: Hendrik Walther 

Special thanks to Ulrike Quade Company

Luit Bakker- Grow me a womb