Leendert Vooijce

Leendert Vooijce

‘de eenzaat en haar geliefden’

January 19th 22:30-23:00 FRAS 1

Leendert Vooijce
‘de eenzaat en haar geliefden’
Day 2 22:30 FRAS 1
Duration 30 min 

Reflecting on the question; How do you identify? 

'I do not identify with the defect. I do not focus on the limitation that that question entails.' 
Leendert says. Using the space, to walk around the issue of gender and identity from an autobiographical point of view. What does such a question cause within a society? 
What free open movement solidifies in a person by binary thinking? 

Not to create or find an answer, but to use the space to create space. Space for space. 
‘de eenzaat en haar geliefden’ is a text based interdisciplinary performance. 
The performance will be in Dutch.  

‘’You tend to ask me what I am. In reference to, career, religion, politics, sexuality, gender.
My answer: I am a Mother.’’

Leendert believes that what is autobiographical is universal.  
‘’With my work, I express myself in proximity, against the idea of competitiveness. In closeness to you. Trying to get a better understanding of each other, the self and ways of being. Using poetry and beauty which allow the message to nestle better. (To immediately question what beauty actually is.)’’

Leendert adopts an interdisciplinary approach working across performance, photography, video, installation, and different forms of writing. Always questioning the dramaturgy of the daily routine. Using topics like identity, gender, personal relationships. It’s the need for structure, and at the same time a yearning to tear it down and rebuild.

Credits: Text and Visual | Leendert Vooijce
Music/ Composition | Ruben van Weegberg, Dramaturgy | Lauren Rissik

Leendert Vooijce- de eenzaat en haar geliefden