Pensive Vivifier

Pensive Vivifier


January 18th 22:30-23:00 FRAS 1

Pensive Vivifier
Day 1 22:30 FRAS 1
Duration 30 min
ig: @pensive2.vivifier
tt: @pensive7.vivifier
yt: @pensive1.vivifier

A live amalgamation of clubbing, performance and video art installation.
KOSMOSE derives from the fusion of 'cosmos in symbiosis'. In nature, symbiosis illustrates the collaboration among diverse organisms, surpassing individual abilities to achieve shared resilience.
An example of collaborative survival is lichen, consisting of both fungus and algae. They flourish in extreme environments where neither organism could withstand independently. We think of the cosmos as a symbiotic body in which all beings are part of each other; in symbiosis in the cosmos where we exchange as a way to survive. Simultaneously, we acknowledge our fears of connection—deeply rooted in experiences of rejection and being othered.

‘’In our art we focus on merging the digital world on our screens and the physical. There is a crack in everything, through which we can weave intuitively one perception into another. For Come Together we’re looking for ways to be more performative with our visuals by using the vj-software. Also we are looking for ways in which performers on stage can dissolve in the digital world of Pensive Vivifier. A world that consists of samples and quotations from our daily intake on social media. Giving the searchbar prompts like: Why am I here? What is dissociation? What does heroin feel like? What is nature’s perception? We need to come together. To create the structures that allow our communities to flourish. We want us to examine why we often have the inclination to turn inward and how unhelpful isolating ourselves is.

Pensive Vivifier is an anti-disciplinary ensemble. They explore the multitude of content from our daily intake of social media. All that surrounds us can be part of their work, reflecting the fragmented and saturated world on our screens. They channel the excitement, anxiety, rawness and excess around us to create accelerated rhythms, loops, collages, and performances. For example, they connect a vlogger during an anxiety attack, with tour guides on a melting Greenland and insecure rappers. They apply a musical approach to structure and practice association as a methodology. Pensive Vivifier gardens the vacant land between the digital and the physical.

Pensive Vivifier-KOSMOSE