Barnaby Savage

Barnaby Savage

In de Bosjes

January 18th 19:45-20:15 January 18th 21:15-21:45 FRAS 3

Barnaby Savage
In de Bosjes
Day 1 19:45 + 21:15 FRAS 3- Doors open continuously 
Duration 30 min 

During his residency at Theater Van Deyssel, Barnaby focused on delving into the history of the natural and cruising area known as 'de Oeverlanden' in the Nieuw West district. During Come Together he will expand this research over the entire city. His research draws from archival material, audio snippets from interviews with cruisers, visual elements, and construction materials. Since 2020, Barnaby has dedicated his efforts to researching the history of cruising in Amsterdam—specifically, the pursuit of and engagement in sexual encounters in public spaces.

In de Bosjes (working title) is a multimedia experiential installation that seeks the tension of intersecting gazes. Using fragments of stories, the audience is invited to explore the installation as a space. 

You are free to linger if you wish, observe and examine. 
Consensual contact is allowed.

Barnaby Savage is a versatile artist, encompassing roles as a theater maker, performer, and event creator. Motivated by a desire to immerse people in new and thought-provoking experiences, his artistic endeavors revolve around queer history, the exploration of sensual freedom, and the joy of genuine surprise. Employing practice-based research, he delves into performative spaces that actively involve the audience, seeking to convey physical sensations and narratives. His work is an exploration of connections through storytelling and imagination, aiming to evoke vulnerable interactions.

Credits: Concept Barnaby Savage, Performance Barnaby Savage en Fernando Troye.                         
Special thanks to Publik Universal Frxnd & Dance Space Destiny

Barnaby Savage- In de Bosjes