Sara Europaeus

Sara Europaeus

Guesthouse (0)

January 19th 19:35-19:55 January 19th 21:25-21:45 FRAS 2

Sara Europaeus
Guesthouse (0)
Day 2 19:35 + 21:25 FRAS 2
Duration 20 min 

You’ve come to know me thankless as a guest,
but I was never entirely here,

An in-process thought, sketch of a physical performance of the body as a house and the guests that take residence in it. Our lived experiences leave physiological traces, bodily beyond their actual duration — becoming our guests— who sometimes overstay their welcome. 

Grief is a guest of honor, feed and drink her, make her bed. Embracing embodiment’s double-edged sword as both reviving and sometimes damaging, we explore its power for identifying guests within and maybe gaining back some more room. Who are you currently hosting, how does it feel to inhabit your own body, or to be a mere visitor?

Mirroring the veiled aspects of our own experience, we negotiate the internal and external spaces, and guest-host dynamics, suggesting an idea of the inevitable interconnectedness between us and our environment. 
Step into the guesthouse, your hosts await. During Come Together, Sara is presenting a snippet of the first stage of research continuing toward a fully realized performance in 2024. 
Sara Europaeus is a dance artist– exploring where sincere physical experience and storytelling can meet. In her creations, themes of embodiment, identity, memory, and fantasy re-occur. With an academic foundation, Sara brings analytical depth to her approach, championing accessible, collaborative art.

Hailing from a diverse background in performance, film, and studies at Amsterdam University of Arts (MTD), Sara's artistic fingerprint extends from Dutch theatres to international movement direction. Her acclaimed debut film, “The Broken Phone Project," screened at 20+ film festivals. Collaborating with Emma Evelein, she worked as rehearsal and movement assistant director for the awarded film "Lucid Dreaming."

Credits: Choreography Sara Europaeus, in collaboration with the performers, Performance: Clara Cozzolino, Sara Europaeus, Robin Nimanong, Soundtrack: Clara Cozzolino, Production assistance: Robin Nimanong, Set design assistance: Rebecca Lillich Krüger, Visual:  Lauren Delvenne

Sara Europaeus- Guesthouse