Memic project / Roberta Maimone 

Memic project / Roberta Maimone 

Wonder, Love

January 18th 19:45-20:00 January 18th 21:15-21:30 FRAS 2

Memic project / Roberta Maimone 
Wonder, Love
Day 1 19:45 + 21:15 FRAS 2 
Duration 15 min

A project that delves into the realm of impossible love, exploring the subtleties of melancholy and the deep sense of solitude it evokes. The narrative follows a character as they are wondering about their reality, immersed in the nostalgic act of dreaming about what lies just out of reach. 
The project transports you into the enchanting landscapes of imagination and fantasy.

“In moonlight whispers, I wonder, Love,
A tale spun in the night above,
a cosmic dance,
With the Moon, a fleeting chance.
A puppet in the starry play,
Strings of longing guide my way.
Silent echoes, soft and bright,
Love's reflection in lunar light.
I wonder, Love, in lunar glow,
A ballet of affection's ebb and flow.
In silent art,
To the Moon, the beating heart.”

Roberta Maimone, an Italian choreographer and dancer based in the Netherlands, intricately weaves emotions and memories into vibrant movement. Influenced by encounters with artists like Jiri Pokorny and Lukas Timulak, her curiosity propels her artistic evolution. After debuting her work across Europe, she founded the "Memic Project," a multidisciplinary realm where humor and introspection harmonize. In creations like "ALEX," cartoon characters infuse dance with daily human gestures, alongside a pivotal collaboration with composer Clara Cozzolino. Roberta envisions her art as a transformative journey from the invisible to the visible—a seamless exploration of the body resonating with the echoes of memory.

Credits: Creation by Memic.project, Artistic director and Choreography: Roberta Maimone Performer: Federica Lovato, Music composition: Clara Cozzolino, Brainoize, Costumes: Roberta Maimone, Graphic design: Claudia Quaglia

Memic project _ Roberta Maimone - Wonder,Love
Memic project _ Roberta Maimone - Wonder,Love2