Lisa Schamlé

Lisa Schamlé

Me, a depiction

January 18th 20:50-21:10 FRAS 1

Lisa Schamlé
Me, a depiction
Day 1 20:50 FRAS 1
Duration 20 min

‘’Throughout my life, I have never felt that my sex truly belonged to me, always subservient to someone else. I scrutinize my body as if it's not yet perfect, as if there's an ideal form hidden within me, waiting to come out. The imprint of the male gaze lingers in my thoughts.

Now I attempt to break free from the societal standards that dictate how I should conform as a woman. How can I reverse the judgmental, internalized voices in my mind? 
This endeavor is a quest to release myself from 'the outside eye' and discover my authentic desires. The transformation sought is to shift my body image from being an object to becoming the subject, a narrative of its own.

This work is a profound journey of self-discovery and rebellion against the preconceived notions of perfection, a fearless exploration of desire beyond societal constraints. 
This installation is a first attempt and will be part of a larger work.’’

Lisa Schamlé (1989) is an Amsterdam-based visual artist, theatre maker/performer and is a former member of the performance collective La Isla Bonita. In 2015 she graduated at the Institute of Performative Arts in Maastricht with a photo series of self-portraits. She creates installations that seamlessly blend photography, fine arts, and performance, pushing the boundaries of both visual arts and theater. Her work explores themes such as female sexuality, the politics of desire, body horror, representation, and the nuanced nature of disgust.

Credits: Installation: Lisa Schamlé, Music by: Marijn Brussaard
Thanks to the outside eyes: Merel Severs, Andreas Hannes, Barnaby Savage, Hazel Oosterhof and Hans Schamlé