Sjaid Foncé

Sjaid Foncé

Between the everyday and the extraordinary

January 18th 20:10-20:40 January 18th 21:40-22:10 FRAS 2

Sjaid Foncé
Between the everyday and the extraordinary
Day 1 20:10 + 21:40 FRAS 2 
This performance is part of a double bill. Entry to Frascati 2 is at 19:45 and at 21:15

What does the future of femininity related to queerness and visibility look like in public spaces? 
Can you feel it, imagine what it would look like?

Sjaid Foncé searches how to conceal the body, creating a second skin that obscures race, gender, class as a source to be fully present. A space for collective imagination, evoking communal habits and memories.

Inspired by the carnival in the Afro Caribbean diaspora, one of the spaces in which historic and current hybridization and tension between cultures are most evident in the Americas. Paradoxically, the festivity can be understood as an opportunity to subvert social norms. 
But why does the process of becoming and the collective needs stop once the party ends and participants return to their daily tasks? Does something change in the body till the next celebration?

Sjaid Foncé (b. 1990, Willemstad Curaçao) is an interdisciplinary performance maker, mimer and vocalist. He graduated last summer from the Mime department at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de kunsten.

His work revolves around movement in space. He observes mainly how the body can transform and how he can give form to the beauty of daily life. He departs from a personal source, the human in search of its identity. Questions like: What shall my work evoke towards another body in space? What binds us as human beings? What makes us human? 

During and after his study at the Mimeschool he performed and worked with Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot, Floor Houwink ten Cate, BOG, Timothy de Gilde & Melyn Chow.

A special thanks to Ulrike Quade Company, Jeff Van Gestel, Youp Scheffer
Illustration painting: Hector Heppolyte.

Sjaid Foncé - Between the everyday and the extraordinary