Corina Mitrovici | Carl-Johan Paulsen 

Corina Mitrovici | Carl-Johan Paulsen 

The Friendship Series #1

January 20th 19:30-20:00 January 20th 20:10-20:40 January 20th 21:15-21:45 FRAS 3

Corina Mitrovici | Carl-Johan Paulsen 
The Friendship Series #1
Day 3 19:30 + 20:10 + 21:15 FRAS 3 
Duration 30 min 

How a bag of chips and a machine factory became a soft blanket. 
‘’We’re ecstatic to invite you to our exhibition of biographies, fictive memories and family histories.’’ The first of a series, a story of friendship, collaboration and strategically tufted conspiracies. 
Are you as keen to see if this works out?  — there will be snacks

The Friendship Series is an ongoing project initiated by Corina Mitrovici in 2023 — a platform that hosts many individual projects under the guideline: friendship as a collaborative practice. 

Inspired by her collaborative work with Xiao Chuyue, who later became a very good friend, Corina is interested in looking for relationships that can develop stronger bonds. In each episode a friend is invited as collaborative guest, offering the two a chance to peek into each other’s craft and open conversations around support, sharing artistic practice and authorship. 

The goal of the project is to bring artists closer, discovering ways of supporting each other and their friends in their creative endeavors. To spice things up, each episode will result in an artistic expression, be it a performance, an exhibition, an installation or even an immersive performative dinner.

Corina Mitrovici creates spaces where the work can arrive curious and aroused. Hanging out at the border between performance, social space and performative interventions, her works manage to easily create performative instances through dreamy atmospheres and meditative soundscapes.
As a comic, she likes to challenge the situation of making and question the looks of success in the performing arts field. Now, with a bachelor in choreography from SNDO, Corina seeks to better her choreographic craft. In her desires of meeting with the public and designing a perfectly lazy way of making, she looks to learn from other crafts that can bring joy, focus and comfort. As a dancer and performer: In 2017 she received the danceWEB scholarship, she performed in festivals like ImPulsTanz, Viena (with the work of Valentina de Piante – M.E.L.T.) in 2016 and Aerowaves 2018 (with Counterbody – Simona Deaconescu). As a maker: she taught a Fake Creative Lab at the National Dance Center, Bucharest and showed her graduation works in Frascati and Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond.

Carl-Johan Paulsen is a Danish textile and performance artist studying at Gerrit Rietveld Academie and recently finished a minor in choreography at SNDO. Carl-Johan works as a drag performer under the name Leo Patra. They joined the drag community The House Of Hopelezz in the beginning of 2022 under the caretaking and mothering of Taka Taka. Carl-Johan has a background in theatre, dance, performance and various musical endeavors which has become a center part of their works. Carl-Johan's art practice surrounds themes like queerness in mythologies, questioning of religious and spiritual systems, finding space within a non-binary body, sexuality moving from private to public display, imagining worlds, camouflaging of identity through the lens of safety, code switching and drag. Carl-Johan has a strong curiosity for the research and making of textiles. Through karting, spinning, dyeing and knitting they question the stories that surround us, the bodies we inhabit and the society at large. Carl-Johan has recently been showing works, performances and done artist talks at places like W139, Oude Kerk, Stedelijk, Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, Sexyland World, Gallery REDAN, Copenhagen Pride Art and Club Church.

Credits: Work by Corina Mitrovici & Carl-Johan Paulsen, Concept Corina Mitrovici, Sound design  corcodușa & nat, Video work Corina Mitrovici & Carl-Johan Paulsen

Corina Mitrovici _ Carl-Johan Paulsen-The Friendship Series #1