Rebecca Lillich Krüger/ Karolina Krynicka  

Rebecca Lillich Krüger/ Karolina Krynicka  


January 20th 20:15-20:35 January 20th 22:00-22:20 FRAS 2

Rebecca Lillich Krüger/ Karolina Krynicka  
Day 3 20:15 + 22:00 FRAS 2
Duration 20 min

Voyage is a moving poem, an anxiety-riddled retelling of a bad acid trip in the California desert. 
The narrator, split in two, is in a dismantling yet affirming conversation with herself; where am I going? What do I want? Who are you? A duet between Rebecca Lillich Krüger and Karolina Krynicka, Voyage is an intense, absurdist, vulnerable work about trusting yourself from the inside out.

Rebecca Lillich Krüger is a performance artist based in Amsterdam.
Her work is invested in the power of transformation through theatricality and the body, with an emphasis on text work, high physicality and aesthetic surrealism. She received her BFA from the Alonzo King LINES Ballet and her MFA in Dance from Hollins University. In 2021 she co-founded Stichting Triplets at Broedplaats Bouw. 

Aiming to melt her technical and artistic background with socio-political awareness, through many doubts she seeks to engage with work that dismantles singular paradigms in performance and invests in practices and communities that keep the heart beating.

Credits: Concept by Rebecca Lillich Krüger, Performance by Rebecca Lillich Krüger + Karolina Krynicka, Image by Michiel Goudswaard 

Rebecca Lillich Krüger_ Karolina Krynicka -Voyage
Rebecca Lillich Krüger_ Karolina Krynicka -Voyage 2