Hannah Mahler

Hannah Mahler


January 19th 20:15-20:35 January 19th 22:05-22:25 FRAS 2

Hannah Chandra Mahler 
Day 2 20:15 + 22:05 FRAS 2
Duration 20 min 

"There is a storm in formation. There is a brain storm in formation for too long now..."  
How do we navigate the deluge of information without succumbing to analysis paralysis? 
Hannah invites you to explore the impact of cognitive overload, decision-making and finding an inner rhythm and/or stop of action…? 

Hannah Chandra Mahler, is a professional contemporary-urban dancer, teacher, and choreographer, embodies a diverse dance heritage shaped by her upbringing across India, Burkina Faso, and Germany. Her journey, from a bilingual high school in Saarbrücken to dance training in Bielefeld and a Bachelor's from "Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten" in Tilburg, Netherlands, reflects her commitment to her dance career. Awarded in Saarlouis (Germany) the "Kulturpreis Tanz für Künstlerinnen," her choreography “Inner Konflikt” has graced Berliner Jugendfestspiele. She was artistic director for an international youth camp “Ohne Stimme” in 2022 and 2023. Collaborating globally, she's performed with orchestras, choirs, and quartets, showcasing her versatility. Committed to nurturing talent, she mentors young dancers and curates transformative house dance workshops in Tilburg, aiming to bridge cultural divisions between South Korea and Germany/Netherlands through dance.

Credits: Choreographer: Hannah Chandra Mahler, Choreographer Assistant: Lotte Berger, Performers: Lio Jakob, Jamie de Heus, and Hannah Chandra Mahler, Music by Carsten Thiele, Spoken words written by Arjan Gebraad, Spoken voice worked on with Marianna Raffele, Coaching by Donna Chittick.

Hannah Chandra Mahler- I GO RHYTHM